Fancy dress, ball gown, cocktail dress, ceremony dress, communion dress, flower girl dress... There are many terms - the meaning is the same: the young owner of the dress should look perfect.

At the Unona garment factory, we know almost everything about fancy dresses for girls. The colossal work of many people is hidden behind the beauty. It would seem that a small bodice and a fluffy skirt - and here it is, an elegant dress. But only true professionals know how to make a model that gives a feeling of harmony, integrity and encourages the buyer to choose it.

In fact, the creation of elegant dresses (and their design and production) is a very narrow specialization that requires the highest qualifications of personnel, special equipment and many years of experience. That’s why, the idea of ​​releasing such collections at an enterprise that has never done this is usually doomed to failure.

The Unona company has been working for two decades to create dresses for girls for all special occasions - under its own brand Unona D'art.

The main task is to convey to the young customer a unique, subtle feeling of happiness when she presents herself as a princess. Then she definitely will not leave this dress in the store. All the details are important here: the ideal proportions of the model, length, color scheme - and many other secrets owned by the designers and constructors of Unona.

The basis for creating outfits for girls was wedding dresses, which were originally produced at the factory. Today Unona is equipped with modern equipment, including CAD, embroidery and pleating machines. The company employs experienced technologists, designers who sometimes work miracles. The production system is a symbiosis of the classical Soviet school with its knowledge and discipline and a modern flexible approach, which makes it possible to frequently change models, produce several articles at the same time, etc. The Unona D'art collection comes out twice a year. Most of the outfits are designed for the New Year holidays. A well-developed wholesale network. Girls in outfits from Unona D'art are admired both in Kaliningrad and in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

In 2017, Mattel entered into a licensing agreement with the Unona factory and entrusted the creation of a collection of ball gowns under the TM Barbie. The designers were faced with the task of fulfilling the dream of many girls to become like a legendary doll, which has been an icon of style and fashion for many years. Now the collection of Barbie dresses is regularly updated.

Leading Russian brands successfully place orders for the production of fancy dresses at the Unona factory, thereby ensuring the guaranteed quality of such a complex assortment.
The products are distinguished by a high degree of complexity, therefore, customers boldly entrust the development of tailoring technology to the company's specialists. If necessary, the products are completed with materials. Fabrics for fancy dresses are a very specific group of materials, and the factory has established strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers of such textiles.

A huge advantage of working with Unona is that there is no limitation on the number of units in an order. This is how the company compares favorably with its Asian counterparts. Compliance with production deadlines for customers is a prerequisite for Unona. The interest of each employee of the factory in their work is the key to the success of the work, which gets such a beautiful and slightly magical result.

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